We are conveniently based in central canada with our main service areas being Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Our drivers hold U.S. pilot certifications for any loads going to or from state side locations. Our strong track record and reliable service will ensure all of your delivery needs are met.
Open Road Pilot Car Services LTD. has all the safety equipment and knowledge to ensure compliance with provincial and state laws: 
  • Overhead mounted lit "D" and "Over Size Load" signage with amber warning lights
  • Safety approved hard hats and high visibility vests
  • CB/VHF radios
  • VHF hand-held radios
  • Twenty pound ABC fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit
  • Hand-held STOP-SLOW sign, Flares and safety cones
  • safety flag
  • Traffic control flashlight
Additional Equipmen
  • dash camera
  • Aux fuel tank
  • GPS
Over Size Load Escorts Pilot cars